Goa is a state of India, which is famous for beautiful beaches, nightlife parties, adventures, nature, water sports, and carnival. 

The best time to visit in goa.

Summer: March, April, and October

Monsoons: June, July, August, and September

Winter: January, February, November, and December

Here is the list of some best places to visit in Goa

Calangute Beach

There are many places to visit in Goa. Goa is very famous for beaches, One of these beaches is Calangute beach, which is the biggest beach of Goa. Calangute beach is also known as the “Queen of Beaches”. Calangute beach is in the middle of the top beaches in the world, Which means it is one of the best tourist places in Goa, This place you should never miss. Calangute Beach feeds all wishes of travelers, This beach is full of nature, adventures, fun. This beach is the biggest and most famous in the north goa. This Place is one of the most beautiful places to visit in goa. This is a heaven place for all the junkies’ travelers. The vigorous market here sells everything, from food, beer, clothes, to junk jewelry, trinkets, and so many pawn items. The beach is serving as the perfect backdrop with the magnificent Arabian Sea with dense palm and coconut trees. People often enjoy sunshine and sunset to roam the beach which is a special feature of Calangute Beach. For a complete tourist and holiday retreat, visit this beach with your friends and family and enjoy the best North Goa has to offer.

best places to visit in goa

Famous for: banana rides, adventures, water surfing, parasailing, nature lover, photoshoot

Visiting Time : 12:00am to 12:00am

Entry fee: no entry fee

Basilica of Bom Jesus

best places to visit in goa

Now let’s move to another best place to visit in Goa, Basilica of Bom Jesus is the church which is located in old goa in bengininim. The basilica of Bom is open every day for the public. This is the only church in goa that has not been overlaid outside.

Famous for: historical monuments, exemplary baroque architecture, the oldest church in goa

Visiting Time: Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 6:30 pm

Entry fee: No entry fee

Must visit: statue of St Francis Xavier, modern art gallery

Holy hour: first Friday of every month at 5:00 pm evening

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Baga Beach 

Baga beach is the most popular in the best places to visit in Goa. Most visitors come to this beach and enjoy it a lot. Meanwhile, you guys can’t get bored, it is the most visited place in goa. This beach is full of activities, people come here and have full fun. You must visit this place, Never miss a baga beach when you go to Goa.

best places to visit in goa

Famous for: water sports, parasailing, dolphin cruises, and banana rides

Visiting Time: Monday to Sunday 6:00 am to 10:00 pm

Entry fee: No entry fee

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna beach is another beach that is popular in goa. This beach is full of nature, fun, riding, water surfing, adventures, and so many things. Anjuna beach is also known for small rocks by the seaside. This place also refers to clicking good pictures. The view of Anjuna beach is about nature, visitors stay at hotels nearby Anjuna beach and come in the morning time and sit to look at the rising sun  and people enjoy a cup of tea and coffee.

best places to visit in goa

Eating and drinking and some of the things all the visitors come for are well known as cafe digo, whole bean, tofu, or casa. Those who love nightlife Anjuna beach is a good place to be in. shopping lover can enjoy their bargaining at the Anjuna beach many types of the shop here Gujarati, Kashmiri, Tibetan the mixtures of clothes shop here for colorful jewelry.

Famous for: adventures, water surfing, riding, photoshoot, nature lover, fun, parasailing

Visiting time: 12:00 am to 12:00 pm

Entry fee: No Entry fee

Goa has a lot to offer yet the previously mentioned places are worth unique notice. Try not to pass up the unique tourist places in Goa during your visit. In any case, on the off chance that you live in Goa and are searching for spots to appreciate you need not stress as there are many excursion spots and close to Goa which is ideal for that.


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