Rave party in kasol


Kasol doesn’t need an introduction among people who travel most and party a lot. It is a place where you went when you need full relaxation from daily life. Kasol is a small godforsaken place among natural beauties in Himachal Pradesh. It is a place full of greeneries all around the year and a decent climate in all seasons. But Kasol is not only Famous for its natural Beauty. It is also Famous for rave parties that happen at kasol in few months of the year. This article is going to be about a Rave party in kasol and what needs to be known before going there.

Rave party in kasol

Where is Kasol?

Kasol is a most beautiful town in Himachal Pradesh. Located perfectly nearer Parvati river, this town also gets more beautiful when there is spring season the Himalayas decorated with snow in the background. Totally covered with huge trees and forests it consists of many tiny villages.No  Proper automobile transportation available inside the town of kasol so we have to prepared to walk a lot to travel there. The nearest airport is located at Kullu Manali, approximately at a  distance of 32 kilometres from kasol. You can take a taxi from the airport or catch a bus if you don’t prefer a taxi. Bus tickets are less expensive where the taxi is expensive. There are rental bikes which also available near Kullu Manali airport but they come with many conditions.  It will come handy to travel inside kasol , so it is your choice to make.

Rave party in kasol

What is a Rave Party?

I confused when people ask me about “Rave party in kasol “I think how a person doesn’t know about the awesome thing happen kasol. Basically, Party in India means the lot of booze, smoke and fun.this party contain all these three things loud music, laser lights, STROBE lights, colourful location etc many of things.

Rave party in kasol

Rave party in kasol can be legal or illegal depending upon the permission extent and others factors may include use of drugs, hookah, ganja etc. So always be triple sure about the legality of the party you are attending or will attend in future.

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When rave parties occur?

Rave parties mostly occur in the summer season. Rave party in kasol mainly starts at the month of may and goes all the way till the end of June. There can be few more parties apart from these months also but parties happening from may to June are the best.The reason for saying this is given below:

Rave party in kasol

Kasol is said to be “mini Israel ” More than Indians there is foreigners crowd found and the DJ’s who accompanied them are sure to get you a great time. If you want the best DJ and party with people who travel most so have to go between may to June.Rave party in kasol is also happening in secret locations. Many illegal parties also happen in kasol and rumours are that they are the best. So pls confirm your self before going to the parties

Rave party in kasol

All other things about Rave party in kasol :

Kasol is a better place than any pub and party you have ever been to. Apart from few parties caught in cannabis issue, all the parties strictly follow rules laid out by the government. If you are in the mood to escape your busy life and have a break,kasol is ready for you. You can have the world’s best food there. People of there are very extroverted and will not judge you at all.


Rave party in kasol is one of the places that has escaped from moral policies in India. You will not need anyone to accompany you in kasol as all you need your own soul to enjoy a lot in kasol. Make sure to be there at full moon parties. Have so much fun, stay safe and share your experience in kasol in comments.




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