flakka drug


Abusement of drugs is very common in every country developed or developing the country in the world. While the developing countries are still fighting with the issue of smoking and alcohol other countries have a bigger headache. The intake of illegal drugs is becoming a huge threat to the health and also the issue of safety for the working population. There are a few who fights for the legalization of drugs, the one who got their lives spoiled by drugs are the majority. From them, one such drug is flakka drug also known as gravel and zombie drug.

flakka drug

The chemical name of this drug is alpha- Pyrrolidinopentiophenone. This is a synthetic drug that is initially developed or sold as a designer drug in early 1960. This is chemically related to pyrovalerone and is the keton analog of prolintane and its chemical formula is C15H2NO. A Designer drug is something that is developed to fool the government by adding or removing a few chemicals in a drug that is banned. For Example- Imagine that a drug has  2 parts of chemical A and 3 parts of chemical B  banned by the government. The drug seller converts drug into   3 parts of chemical A and 4 Parts of chemical B. Result will be slightly different it is not to be illegal, because its composition and the chemical name get changed.

Gravel And Zombie Drug:-

flakka drug

These are the names that flakka is got in a local market all over the world. First name gravel comes from the appearance of drug It similarly looks like Decorative sand & gravel we use in aquariums. Few Drugs Seller mix inspection of the police. The Second name is Zombie drug is after the drug’s effect. People who take this drug move to the way that is similar to the way of zombie moves in the Movies.

Why Flakka Drug is famous:-

flakka drug

It will be unsuitable to say flakka drug is famous. The reason why it is used by people is that it is very cheap. In some localities, it is also known as 5$ drug. Some might convert 5$ to their currency and it expensive. But When Compared to other drugs like cocaine, this is very cheap.

Another Reason Why teenager has become addictive of this drug is the publicity around it. When Someone Says not to try this It is nature of human that try it once.

Jim Hall is a drug abuse specialist at Florida say it very difficult for the people to judge the amount to take. The little higher amount of safe limit of a flakka drug can kill the person. True to the name (La flaca means pretty woman in Spanish) this drug can make you forget this world.

The chemicals of this drug make the surface around the neuron in the nerves and prevent them from releasing the mood controlling dopamine and serotonin levels very low. This means that if a person is angry, he/she will be angry like a hulk. It means that this drug sends the emotion of the taking to the maximum level and prevent the body from bringing it down. Other like cocaine do exactly the same but flakka can stay in the body for longer time sometimes the effect may be permanent.

One more dirty side of flakka drug is the effect of flakka on kidneys. The dirty drugs break down the muscle fibres and will cause hyperthermia. When This condition gets worse it will lead to kidney failure. People who took this drug for a long are now dependent on dialysis for the rest of their lives.

What flakka drug do?

Let us give some example to understand to understand this harmful drug better.

First example when you get shot And take this drug

A guy in Brazil once ran inside a hospital with a bullet injury on the face but never noticed it all because of this drug. This drug makes you forget all the emotion or feeling be it a pain or death.

flakka drug

Next example when a person feels like “hulk”

James West a person high of this drug, once broke into the Police headquarters(yes, he was crazy) Once almost succeeded in breaking “Hurricane-proof” glass windows. Another person west palm beach broke a hospital’s windows just with his bare hands.

flakka drug


Flakka drug might be seen enjoyable but it is deadly. Many youngsters lost their lives, reputation, career, and money.

People might think that drugs are something new to the world. These are the rumors that are dictated by Adolf Hitler himself used drugs on his soldiers to make them feel without pain and hunger so they will fight for many days without taking rest. These still a theory but worth believing because of scientific inventions his rule brought. With this, we conclude this article on the flakka drug. Stay safe and says no to all the drugs.


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