Brain Tumor


Brain Tumor is the most dangerous disease in the world. There are 200,000 peoples are affected for this disease in every year. Frequently we can say that it is a shocking and life-changing events.
Brain Tumor

It occurs in the brain or the Central Nervous System [CNS] where all vital system are controlled.
There are two types of tumor malignant or cancerous tumor and benign tumor. All types of tumor produce symptoms. Symptoms may include vision, seizures, vomiting, headaches and mental changes.
Brian Tumor is the element of cancer which is most serious neurological disease.


Gliomas is also a type of Brain Tumor. It grow from a glial cell. It is the supportive cell in the brain. It is classified into different types:
Astrocytomas: It is the slow -growing  Tumor and rarely spreads into nearby tissue.
Oligodendroglioma: It is responsible for making myelin. It surrounds the nerves. Ependymoma and Brain stem glioma.
Brain Tumor

Non-Glioma Tumor

Remaining section covers a non-glioma tumor. This  Tumor is arisen the cell in the brain membrane.
Meningioma is the most primary Brain Tumor and noncancerous.
The Pineal gland and Pituitary gland tumor is starting from the pineal gland.
Primary CNS Lymphoma is that begins in the lymphatic system.
Craniopharyngioma is a tumor and it is located a base of the brain.
Schwannoma is a rare tumor that begins the sheath. It helps to control balance and typically noncancerous.
Brain Tumor

Malignant Brain Tumor

It also called the brain cancer to contain cancer cells. This Brian tumor is more serious the threat to life. It grows rapidly and crowds nearby the brain tissue.
Cancer cells break away Malignant  Tumor and spread rapidly through the other parts of the body or to the spinal cord.
There are so many causes and risk factors for Brain Tumor are :
Ionizing Radiation: It is a high dose x-ray and can cause cell damage that leads to the tumor. It exposed this radiation may have to increase risk of Brain Tumour.

Family History:

It runs in a family. There are several family members with this disease.
Brain Tumor

Diagnosis of Brain Tumor

There are so many diagnosis in  Tumor include Neurologic exam, MRI, CT scan, Angiogram, Spinal tab, Biopsy: Removal of tissue to look for tumor cells. There are two ways of biopsy is Stereotactic biopsy.
Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor Treatment:

Treatment for spinal cord and Brain Tumor are
Watchful waiting, Surgery, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy and last but not the least Steroids.


It is very important for the patients and their families to the clinical trail and consult to the chemotheraphy doctors.


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