haunted places in india


Mysterious, unexplainable marvels and creepy occasions never neglect to grab the attention of individuals. A portion of these occasions simply lead to new disclosures while others transform into spine-chilling apparition stories. India, otherwise called the place where there is superstitions, has numerous uncanny accounts of dark enchantment, phantoms, spirits and unexplainable passings to describe. Not only this, there are many haunted places in India with creepy backstories being told from decades. In this way, here are India’s top haunted spots for the individuals who are sufficiently daring to explore them.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

haunted places in india

Bhangarh Fort is in the top of most haunted places in India. The government has restricted the entry in the fort after sunset. There are numerous unnerving stories connected to this spot. What’s more, one of them asserts that a dark magician fall in love with the town’s princess and attempted to enchant one of her cosmetic product to cause her to respond. The princess got suspicious and throw the cosmetic item on a tremendous stone rock. Influenced by the dark magician, the batter rock squashed the performer to the point of death. Before dying, he reviled the whole town, fixing its terrible destiny. What’s more, the town is accepted to turn into a haunted place from that point forward.

Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

haunted places in india

Kuldhara village which is known as the ghost village which is 18km far from  Jaisalmer,Rajasthan.The story behind this haunted place is that a cruel king name as salam singh who fell in love with cheif’s daughter of this village and compromised the town people with heavy taxes if they failed to get them married.The villagers see no other option,all of sudden disappeared one night.It is assumed that they cursed the village before leaving.

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Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

haunted places in india

Shaniwarwada Fort is one of the scariest haunted place in India to visit. Paranormal activities in this fort are at their most elevated on a full moon night. According to certain stories, a 13-year-old prince, Narayanrao, was severely killed in the fort. His body was dissected and thrown into a waterway. As indicated by the Hindu traditions, if a person’s incineration isn’t done according to customs, the soul stays caught at the place of death. Since the prince’s body was arranged off in an unceremonious manner, his tortured soul is as yet caught inside the fort’s walls and his cries for help can even now be heard at night.

Sanjay Van,New Delhi

haunted places in india

Sanjay Van is a forest spread over a area of 10 km in Delhi and is viewed as one among the most famous haunted places in India. There have been a few sightings of a lady in a white saree close to the incineration ground. She vanishes and returns like a flash. Individuals trust it is simply the soul of the lady who draped herself from an immense peepal tree. Not simply this, numerous individuals have seen her sitting on the highest point of the tree. What’s more, some even guarantee to have seen the visuals of her suicide.

Jamali Kamali Masjid,New Delhi

haunted places in india

Situated near Qutab Minar, Jamali-Kamali Masjid is accepted to be haunted by various jinns who are viewed as otherworldly creatures with powers to traverse this world. Numerous creepy reports of locating phantoms, animals growling and somebody breathing on neck have come to fore.

Ramoji Film City,Hyderabad

haunted places in india

Records of a few paranormal activities have been accounted for in Ramoji Film City. Ordinarily, spotlights tumbled off without anyone else, light men were pushed by some imperceptible power, garments of females bafflingly got torn, abnormal marks were seen on mirrors, and nourishment was discovered dispersed. Local people accept that where the film city stands was a war ground during the Nizam rule. Also, the spirits of the dead officers are accepted to haunt the spot.

Agrasen ki Baoli,New Delhi

haunted places in india

Agrasen ki Baoli is an old stepwell that is checked among the most haunted places in India. Numerous individuals who have visited this spot have shared their creepy encounters, for example, wanting to be trailed by some invisible figure or hearing delicate dismal murmurs.

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National Library,kolkata

haunted places in india

National Library in Kolkata is haunted by the spirits of 12 workers who kicked the bucket during the remodel. An understudy passed on under suspicious conditions while searching for a book in the library. Numerous other uncanny occasions have occurred here. Indeed, even the gatekeepers are terrified to work during night shifts.

Taj Mahal hotel,Mumbai

haunted places in delhi

The chief of Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, W.A. Chambers, executed himself by bouncing from the hotel’s fifth floor to his dealth. It is reputed that his phantom still meanders around the halls of this lodging attempting to monitor the main thing he used to adore. Many staff individuals have revealed seeing creepy things and hearing odd voices in the old wing.

Three Kings Church, Goa

haunted places in india

Three Kings Church in Goa is accepted to be haunted by the spirits of three Portuguese rulers who battled among one another. The wickedest one of the three rulers welcomed the other two for a dinner in the congregation to talk about a harmony bargain. He harmed their nourishment and murdered them. The supporters of the dead rulers were incensed and assembled to murder the underhanded lord. To spare himself from an excruciating passing, the ruler harmed himself. Numerous local people and GRIP group of the Indian Paranormal Society have pronounced the spot haunted.

There are many haunted places in India other than this which are listed above.Hope you enjoy this article.


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