malana cream


Malana Cream for people who want “real” high

We are not going to expect that you realize what “malana cream” is. In this article you will get  to know about given  below:

malana cream

What is Malana cream?

Where do we find it?

For what reason is it so unique?

What are the choices?

What’s its cost?

This article is identified with a cream that gets you high. In the event that you are not 18 years of age yet if you don’t mind read it on or after your eighteenth birthday celebration. Simply joking – We won’t know whether you are 18 or not. So we can’t do anything much about it.

What Is Malana Cream?

Imagine, An old woman walks into a field or a garden (appears as though one) and specifically takes out a couple of buds from a couple of plants and returns.  The woman at that point rubs the blossom buds energetically in her bare hands. What you are going to purchase is sticking on to her palms. That my friend– is the malana cream.malana cream

If you are lucky, the old woman might even sing a song while preparing your cream. For them, it is day by day schedule. A huge number of youngsters visit the place (coming up in the following passage) just to get it new without whatever else mixed in it.

malana cream

Where do we find Malana Cream?

In the foothills of Himachal Pradesh, A beautiful village Malana is there. Usually in winters, the Malana village is difficult to access due to the snow and some taxi drivers will hesitate to drive there. Because of those circumstances, you might have to walk around 16 Kilometres but that is totally worth it. and mainly one more thing to be noted is that you are not allowed to touch anything that belongs to people of Malana Village. They consider themselves to be superior. They believe that they are children of Alexander the great and we are not there for arguing that. Shopkeepers will place the things on the table and you are supposed to place money on the table and not on their hands. Strange things occur there but they are very traveler friendly.

malana cream


For what reason it is so unique?

People think that taking high quantity means you have to get unconscious and dream like you are on Mars Mission. Completely  Wrong. There also drugs like Flakka, which unshackle the Hulk in You and within some hours will put you in jail. Then there is the second category which puts you in a mood where you feel like you are the happiest person on Earth. You can experience a new level of getting high but you can still work in your office and nobody will even notice. But you inside will feel like all the beautiful angels are carrying you across heaven.

There are a couple of weed providers who will give you something that will get you high yet will pose a flavor like vomit. Malana cream does not have a place with that compose moreover. It isn’t that solid tasting. Stoners who know their weed can separate the smell of the cream however for other people, it may possess a scent like some shabby fragrance.

What are malana cream choices?

The main alternative to Malana cream in India is the Kerala Gold or “Idukki” Gold. Gotten just in Kerala and a couple of states around it, Kerala Gold is ending up amazingly uncommon to discover on account of the state’s expanding law implementation on weed and related things. Two alerts previously you go chasing for Kerala Gold:

Be particular about what you ask. Kerala Gold will get you high while Black Gold will get you a pack loaded with high-quality pepper.

Be particular about whom you ask. Getting captured by Kerala police is something I would not prescribe.

Cost of Malana Cream:

Malana Cream sell by Villagers in the units named “Tola” One tola of the cream will cost around 1000 INR in the event that you are setting off to the town and get it. Individuals in Noida and Gurgaon report that it costs around 2500 INR. For the gathering individuals in Goa, it offers at 4000 INR. But then it all depends on your bargaining skills.

Components of Malana Cream:

Malana cream is separated from plants. So friends from PETA can likewise attempt it. It is separated from the flower buds of Indica a plant having a place with the cannabis family.

The fundamental part that produces high is Tetra-hydro-cannabinol (TTH). ;k;lkjhgfweqw contains over 35% of TTH so that is something you can appreciate.

malana cream

People who have been smoking weed for a considerable length of time will know about the magazine “High occasions”. It consistently leads the title rivalry for the “Cannabis container”. The Malana cream has succeeded it two times (1994 and 1996).



There is an almost negligible difference between getting high and getting dependent. If you want to understand the differences take a drunk man lying on the road. All over the world, people drink but not all end up like that man. The quantity of alcohol/weed matters and also the quality. Try not to get tricked by attempting shabby stuff a few people offer. Try not to cross your body’s breaking points. Remain sheltered, live to smoke weed one more day.


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